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Thai massage is best described as a mixture of pressure point massage and assisted yoga. It is also one of the oldest forms of massage dating back thousands of years and a highly popular activity undertaken by thousands of tourists and citizens alike in Thailand every year.
It is believed that Thai massage was founded by Shivago Komarpaj also known as the father doctor over 2,500 years ago. It has been noted in many ancient documents that Komarpaj held great medical skills and treat many important people including Buddha, who he was friend and doctor too.
Thai massage is an important part of Thailand’s culture and if you visit Wat Pho temple in Bangkok you will find ancient medical texts carved into the stone dedicated to preserving the tradition. The practices of Thai massage are thought to be passed down from parents to children ensuring that the art of this massage technique doesn’t die.
Unlike other types of massage, Thai massage is performed fully clothed on a mat on the floor. No massage oils are used during this treatment which can last up to two hours. It is most suited to people who suffer from severe muscular tension, emotional worries, stress, and body fatigue.
A Thai massage involves the masseuse working on the pressure points to encourage a flow of energy and bring balance and harmony to a person’s body. This usually follows what is known as the meridian or energy lines inside the body with the belief behind this being that when ill these lines can become blocked or not flow freely. Thai massage encourages these lines to flow free again. A masseuse will intuitively know where to concentrate efforts and for how long.
The techniques involved in a Thai massage will include the use of the palm and thumb to press along the energy lines, which warms up the muscles and increases blood flow in readiness for the stretching to come. They may also perform movements such as walking on the clients back. The masseuse, in this case, is using their body weight to massage as this has been proven to work deeper into the muscles of the body and be more effective.
A masseuse will use a mixture of their palms, thumbs, elbows, forearms, feet, and knees to massage you whilst placing you in various positions. The best description of this would be that it is like assisted yoga. This can be uncomfortable with various cracks, clicks and popping noises emanating from your body, but it will leave you feeling amazing. The masseuse will vary the amount of pressure being used throughout your massage using the leverage and balance of their own body weight to apply more or less pressure.
At the end of a Thai massage, there is usually a head massage and period of relaxation before the client leaves. Thai massage can benefit a number of complaints including muscular tension and stress and anxiety relief. The benefits include better joint mobility, increased flexibility, heightening stamina, boosting the immune system, improving breathing, bettering blood circulation and promoting mental clarity.
Health concerns such as bone or joint conditions, varicose veins, thrombosis, skeletal conditions and high blood pressure will not preclude anyone from being able to participate in a Thai massage. Nor will being pregnant, elderly or recently undergoing surgery. Thai massage can be adjusted to suit most medical needs.
Whilst Thai massage is practiced all over the world, like most things with origins rooted somewhere, the best experiences will come from those places they originated. Thai massage is no different and should be experienced in the regions it originated.
Now Spa offers a wide variety of massage in Da Nang, Vietnam. This includes traditional Thai massage as well as aroma, herbal, hot tone and foot. They also offer various facial treatments, body treatments, and spray tattoos.
Now Spa’s Thai massage service includes a free consultation, whole body acupuncture to rid the body of toxins and the actual massage itself. All Now Spa are fully trained to perform these services.
Appointments can be made on our website by telephone or by popping into the salon. We are conveniently situated at 97 Ha Bong Street, Son Tra district, Da Nang and are open 8 am to 11 pm every day. The telephone number is 090 507 63 48.

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