Foot Massage

What Is Foot Massage?

While it’s true that most people don’t know how to give a great massage, the same can not be said for giving a foot massage, it takes very little effort or knowledge on how to give a foot massage as most people just love having their feet touched and caressed, particularly after activity when they are sore or aching. The only exception is if the person is either excessively ticklish or if they are self-conscious about their feet because they think they are ‘ugly’ or if they have a deformation like bunions.
So most people can easily give a great feeling foot massage and the good news is that with just a few tips and a willingness to have a go and practice (and I’m sure you will have no problem finding a willing guinea pig), you can easily transfer from a novice to an expert foot massager.
Ok, if you want to learn how to give some foot massage therapy lets start with some basics. Massaging the feet is commonly connected with the idea of reflexology, which is a therapy system that uses the application of pressure to the reflex points in the body (and very commonly the feet) to treat discomfort, aches, and pains. A good foot massage can certainly incorporate ideas from reflexology theory however it can be quite different and needs no specialized knowledge. In fact, it can be much simpler and yet yield a far greater immediate outcome in that it can quickly allow the receiver to feel comforted, soothed, and like they’re walking away with a brand new pair of feet.
A pair of strong hands is a great start. Then grab some towels and some massage oil. If it’s a ‘quickie’ foot massage, sorbolene cream will do a great job, it’s an exceptional emollient and cheap to buy too, but it does absorb quickly into the skin so if you’re giving a longer massage for the feet stick with oil. Now have the receiver wash their feet, or you can do it for them if you are comfortable to do so and willing to pamper them beyond the call of duty.
Washing the feet will make the receiver feel more at ease and make you feel more comfortable while giving a foot massage. If you want to make a habit out of it, you can get a foot massage spa or foot massage bath and let them soak in luxury before the session begins. It’s also such a treat as the feet usually get so much less attention than the hands.
Ok, now for some foot massage techniques. I find that it’s good to proceed in this order:
Start by oiling up the feet and giving a general all over rub with the palms of the hands
Then a little foot manipulation, hold the heel firm with one hand and with the other, gently hold and twist the forefoot clockwise and counter-clockwise
Manipulate the toes, each in turn, up and down, left and right, and follow by massaging and caressing deep in between the toes
Massage in small circles on the sole of the feet with the thumbs followed by kneading using the fingers, the heel of the palm, or knuckles
Now this one’s a bit tricky. Grab the foot like a hamburger, toes facing you, fingers on top, thumbs on the bottom under the balls of the feet. Manipulate the joints at the balls of the feet by lifting each joint independently up and down.
Massage the top of the foot using the palm and/or the fingertips. The top of the foot is boney so be careful not to apply excessive direct pressure to any bone.
Finish with another all over rub
Benefits of foot massage.
Improved Circulation
Blood that circulates on the body is responsible for transporting nutrition and oxygen to the body’s cells. The blood additionally laves poisons and waste from the body. Foot rub diminishes feelings of anxiety and permits the dissemination of the blood. The 10 minutes of daily foot massage helps to improve your blood circulation.
Better Sleep
 Foot massage assists you in sleep better. A good foot massage ensure your body is relaxed and ensure you get a better sleep through improve blood circulation
Pains and Aches reliever
foot massage can help cure certain aches and uncomfortable pains, like headaches, pain on the neck, upper and lower backaches, migraines and many more.
For backaches, massage softly around spinal reflex area using your finger, beginning from the foot side to the ankle in minimal circular movements.
If you are experiencing pain in the neck, do some massage on your joints as well as the foot. Do it on your foot for a period of five minutes and until the pain eases.
Curbs Depression
Foot massage can be of great assistance when it comes to curbing depression. It helps people to balance the need for pain and changes in life. Some given parts of the feet are essential in easing depression signs. In cases like these, the center mark of the toe, the toe ball put beneath the foot are related to mental health. massaging or putting pressure on these points a couple of times in a day. It can assist in relieving symptoms of depression.
Lowers Blood Pressure
It can be regulated through foot massage being done on regular basis for it helps. If your foot is Massaged for around 10 minutes a couple of times in a week you will experience an improvement in your mood, reduced anxiety, and stability in your blood pressure.
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