Aroma Massage

Aroma massage


Fast paced and stressful lifestyles strain the body and the mind, but despite this do not give the possibility to relax and unwind. You cannot remember the last time you took a day off, but your tired body and stressed mind call for a break. In this case, massage therapy is the perfect solution as it does not take up a huge amount of your time and it is also easily accessible as many beauty salons and spas have a wide selection of treatments to choose from. Some are more traditional – for example, Aroma massage, others are rather unconventional like chocolate or honey massage.

However, do not be intimidated by the names of these techniques. They may sound rather luxurious, but in reality, they are really suitable for all people despite their age, sex or body type. Commonly these treatments are preferred by female clients, but men are also welcome to try the techniques especially the Aroma massage. Chocolate and honey massage therapy techniques have developed over time and have become fully accessible quite lately. They have their roots in the same massage techniques that originate from the ancient China and Japan, but in addition to applying pressure and carrying out movements, have a modern side also.

Still, one can doubt the usefulness of getting smeared with chocolate or honey or having an Aroma massage. For some people, this might even sound unpleasant – all the stickiness and sweetness. However, chocolate and honey are natural substances and they do not differ much from other essential oils used in massage sessions.

Aroma massage or aromatherapy is very similar to Swedish massage in that they use the same techniques. The difference lies in the cream or oil that is used. Typically, Swedish massage is performed with unscented oils to avoid any allergic reactions, where aromatherapy uses specific essential oils based on the needs of the client.

There are hundreds of different essential oils and each one of them has different properties. This is why it is important for the aromatherapist to do a full health intake of the client. While most essential oils are beneficial, some can be harmful depending on your condition. The aromatherapist should be trained to know what oils will work best for you. Based on the questions asked during the intake period, the aromatherapist will choose a few oils blended together to use in the treatment.

Aromatherapy has huge benefits depending on your condition. There are oils that can help relieve constipation, help you sleep, relieve cold and flu symptoms, as well as reduce aches and pains. The most well-known oils used are chamomile, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, lemon, and lavender.

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils used to decrease stress and anxiety and help those suffering from insomnia.

Lemon is of the citrus family and has great uplifting qualities. It can also help with digestive and circulation issues as well as alleviate headaches and fever.

Eucalyptus can be used to help with respiratory issues and clearing congestion from the lungs. Because if its cooling properties it is great for muscle aches and pains.

Ylang-Ylang normally is utilized curb nausea, to soothe headaches and intestinal discomfort. If this oil is used in excess is can lead to headaches.

Chamomile is another calming essential oil and can be used to decrease muscle inflammation as well as inflammation the digestive or urinary tract. It is also a mood lifter.

Although aromatherapy can have great benefits, it can also be harmful to those that are inexperienced and if oils are used inappropriately. Certain essential oils are contraindicated for many conditions, pregnancy being one, and the use of these oils can cause complications. When booking your appointment, always make sure the therapist you are seeing is fully licensed in their field. Also, it is not recommended to use these oils without full knowledge of their properties, benefits, and contraindications. If you visit the “Now Spa” In Vietnam, Danang you will not have to worry because they examine you well and use what suits you best.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful modality if it is used correctly can have many benefits. For more information contact your local registered aromatherapist.

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