About Now Spa

Beauty is most probably the best aspect of a human being. It’s what people see first in you. It’s the light of life, it’s the radiation of the sun. Beauty is confidence, it’s what you present to the world. But hey, beauty is not automatic, it’s not self-sustaining. Beauty needs care, it needs nourishment, improvement, and additives. You definitely want your beauty to stand out from the rest.
All you have to do is find a right partner and a trusted friend for your beauty and skin care. This partner will treat you well, care for your skin and bring the best out of you. This beauty trusted partner is Now Spa.

One of the best places you wouldn’t want to miss while in Da Nang is the Now Spa. Located at 97 Ha Bong street, near the beach, Now Spa is the leading health and beauty Spa in the region. It is in a nice neighborhood with beautiful scenery. It has great, friendly, helpful and well-experienced staff with expertise in beauty. You will be welcomed well and be given royal treatment.
If you will want full body massage therapy, here is what you will choose from;

1.Thai Massage.
This a traditional Thai treatment. The massage technician presses stretch, folds, rolls, gently press by hand, elbows, feet, and pillows, the acupuncture points of the body. Thai helps someone to completely relax, eliminates stress and fatigue. Gets rid of body aches and pains. It’s suitable for elderly people with bone diseases because it ensures body relaxation and blood circulation hence reducing joint pains.

2.Thai Herbal massage.
Using herbs like ginger, licorice, lemon, citronella… Thai herbal massage is the method employed using herbal bags to help women get rid of stress, fat and joint aches. The gentle massage aroma from herbal bags will give you great relaxation feelings. Its benefits are; Helps the mind relax, rids stress and helps in detoxification and brings out a smooth skin. Done in a private room with experts, it’s blended with music to help relax, then have a deep sleep that will replenish your spirit.

3. Hot Stone Massage.

This is the highest form of massage with many uses. First, you steam the stones to the right temperature, placed on body joints then alternate with cold stones. With placing a hot steamed rock on the body’s acupuncture points, it releases waves into the body affecting the body temperature, hence increasing body energy. This will increase blood circulation and in return reduce stress and body pains, stress and fatigue.

4. Foot massage.
The foot is the center of the nerves and blood vessels in the body. And we normally experience back and abdominal pains. Unknown to many, foot massage, can help you relieve the pain and help your muscles to relax. Hand-applied foot massage works on the soft tissues and releases the harmful pain. This effect extends to the head, eyes, ears, and chest getting rid of the pains there. It affects the nerves hence helps the body to relax.

5. Aroma Massage
This type of massage uses pure natural ingredients and essential oils. The essential oils are applied to your full body, together with a gentle massage to bring a relaxed feeling. This helps in blood circulations, reduces stress, pain, and fatigue. It is best after a long day, to help you sleep.

Skin Care Services.
Get the best skin care services fro Now Spa. Services range from;
➔Intensive face care.
➔Facial relaxation.
➔Facial treatment of high technology.
➔Relaxing body skin.
➔High-tech body treatment.
➔Spray tattoos of high aesthetics.

Visit Now Spa today and get the best services with friendly and reasonable prices.

Adress  : 97 Ha Bong,Son Tra District,Da Nang city

Phone   : 0905076348

Fb : https://www.facebook.com/nowspa.vn/