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massage thai da nang

Massage TháiThai Massage

A Thai massage involves the masseuse working on the pressure points to encourage a flow of energy and bring balance and harmony to a person’s body. This usually follows what is known as the meridian or energy lines inside the body with the belief behind this being that when ill these lines can become blocked or not flow freely. Thai massage encourages these lines to flow free again. A masseuse will intuitively know where to concentrate efforts and for how long. Now Spa Thai massage service includes a free consultation, whole body acupuncture to rid the body of toxins and the actual massage itself. All Now Spa are fully trained to perform these services.  CONTINUE READING →

 massage tinh dầuAroma massage

Aroma massage or aromatherapy is very similar to Swedish massage in that they use the same techniques. The difference lies in the cream or oil that is used. Typically, Swedish massage is performed with unscented oils to avoid any allergic reactions, where aromatherapy uses specific essential oils based on the needs of the client. There are hundreds of different essential oils and each one of them has different properties. This is why it is important for the aromatherapist to do a full health intake of the client. While most essential oils are beneficial, some can be harmful depending on your condition. The aromatherapist should be trained to know what oils will work best for you. Based on the questions asked during the intake period, the aromatherapist will choose a few oils blended together to use in the treatment.  CONTINUE READING →

Massage thảo dượcHerbal Thai Massage

Conventional Thai massage is most regularly used to treat aggravation because of muscle and joint torment, injuries or awkward nature however it isn’t restricted to solid framework. Thai massage can help with every one of the frameworks in the body permitting entire body mending. The herbal compress advances additionally mending as the average determination of Thai herbs offer numerous recuperating properties to the mind body and soul. Together the Thai yoga massage and the herbal compress advance recuperating in the accompanying ways : Improves muscle injuries, irregular characteristics and torment  CONTINUE READING →

Massage da nongHot Tone Massage

A hot tone massage contributes to being the perfect option for reducing the stress and tension. It is also effective in easing the muscle pain and enhancing the circulation. Such type of massage therapies confers a deeper and higher sense of relaxation with the placement of water heated stones on integral parts of the body. In spite of the hustles and bustles of life, it is recommended to take out some time for the toned messages. You will procure ultimate relaxation and get ready for the new challenges as you choose these message services. CONTINUE READING →

 massage tinh dầuFoot Massage

if you want to learn how to give some foot massage therapy lets start with some basics. Massaging the feet is commonly connected with the idea of reflexology, which is a therapy system that uses the application of pressure to the reflex points in the body (and very commonly the feet) to treat discomfort, aches, and pains. A good foot massage can certainly incorporate ideas from reflexology theory however it can be quite different and needs no specialized knowledge. In fact, it can be much simpler and yet yield a far greater immediate outcome in that it can quickly allow the receiver to feel comforted, soothed, and like they’re walking away with a brand new pair of feet. CONTINUE READING →


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